Taiwan Debian Camp 2008


Many Debian folks over the world have vacation on December. It's a good time to make DebCamp in Taiwan to make Debian folks getting together. We have TaiwanDebianMeeting/DebCamp each year on December for three years. Debian folks will get together at the end of the year, to share and exchange their discoveries of the year.

Please join in a relaxed mood, like in a vacation. Families and friends are welcome to join.

You have to handle the transportations, and can get the information after register.

More informations on http://wiki.debian.org/TaiwanDebianMeeting/DebCamp


Taiwan DebCamp 是一個非正式的 Debian 活動,希望能夠讓 Debian 同好聚在一塊兒,一同分享交流 Debian 相關的事務,希望大家年終也可以一起出遊走走,與我們的朋友們一起分享快樂,請各位抱持放鬆渡假的心情來參加,歡迎各位攜家帶眷一起參加。

注意:本活動屬於 BarCamp 性質,無強制配合性,若無法和議請勿繼續參與 (It's free)。參加者可更改或增加行程,需共同承擔責任 (期間之共同支出),也可以來其中幾小時就走。


More informations on http://wiki.debian.org.tw/index.php/TWDebCamp2008

Meet at 台東都蘭新東糖廠

Dulan (都蘭) village, Taitung /

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